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Features And Benefits Of LASIK Vision Improvement Procedure

Laser eye surgery is the most commonly practiced procedure to correct your vision problems caused by refractive errors, including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.Features and benefits of lasik vision improvement procedure. Laser eye surgery has also been use to approved presbyopia which is part of normal aging and can be corrected by using reading glasses.

The most amazing benefits offered by the LASIK eye surgery procedure. Patients undergoing laser eye surgery procedure have experienced extreme improvements in their vision with our simple procedure. After successful completion of LASIK vision correction process, LASIK patients can immediately discontinue wearing their contact lenses or eyeglasses.

General LASER Procedures By Our Qualified Surgeons

In PRK our surgeon removes the outer layer of your cornea with a surgical sharp edge or blunt tool. The laser beam, guided by a computer, is then used to vaporize tiny amounts of tissue under the surface of the cornea. The initial healing process is complete in about a week. In LASIK surgery our surgeon first cuts a flap of your cornea with a very sharp blade or laser, and then lifts it and uses a computer guided laser to remove intended amounts of tissue from the inside layers of your cornea. The procedure removes just sufficient tissue to redesign your cornea in a way that corrects your vision.

Afterwards, the flap is put back and the eye heals more quickly than with PRK. This helps the surgeon make even more precise correction to vision. Your eye surgeon can advise whether this is an option for you. Some patients feel their lives are vastly improved when their dependence on instruction glasses or contact lenses is reduced or eliminated. A recent advance in LASIK surgery is the use of Wave front technology, which creates a detailed map of the eye. Laser eye surgery is performed by highly trained specialists, and in most cases, the results are satisfactory.

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